Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who knew? My daughter, the songwriter...

My youngest daughter has taken to writing her own songs lately. She writes down the lyrics, and walks around the house singing them. Here are a few of her latest ones.

I have a heart

and no one can see it.

I love my family

and my friends

and my teachers.


A bird, a blue bird

a blue jay, a blue jay

Look at it fly

Here it tweet

You see the nest

there are eggs

its hatching

Blue jays yeah!


and of course she had to come up with a Halloween song as well. :)

Halloween Boo Boo

Scary Hide Hide

Help, Help






Colleen Smith said...

Oh my goodness : ) Allison, is soooo adorable. I love the lyrics that she has put together. Tell her I think that she is very talented!

Chrisann said...

Wow! That is great work and imagination to write songs and ditty's. Keep it up and maybe record some every couple of months just to see and (show) the progression for years to come. she is as creative as her mom! ;)

karicarrigan said...

She is very creative, and I think it is fun that she is doing this. What a great idea to do this every few months to see her progress. I will definitely do that!

karicarrigan said...

She was grinning ear to ear when I told her what you wrote. :)


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