Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learners Permit

It is so hard to believe that it has been 16 years since I first held Tyler in my arms. He is now 5'11", still growing, and yesterday his Dad took him to the DMV to pick up his learners permit. It is unbelievable to me that this day has arrived. I am thrilled for him and scared for him. It is an exciting time for him and us, but I am in awe that it is here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cake pops for a wedding

I was so excited to be asked to make treats for my friend Jerri's daughters wedding. Originally we talked about Rice Krispie treats dipped in chocolate, but then I asked if they had ever heard of cake pops. They hadn't so I sent them to Bakerella to see them, and of course once they saw them, they loved the idea!  I had never made that many cake pops before, but they turned out great! If you haven't heard of cake pops before, check out this site,  Bakerella, to learn how to make them. That is the recipe I used for these, and they were yummy! To turn the cake balls into pops, you just dip the sucker stick into chocolate and then into the ball, just like I did here. I was thrilled with how they turned out. Besides, I got to go shopping and get sprinkles! Have I mentioned I love sprinkles?
Seriously, I have a sprinkle addiction. LOL!

The color of the wedding were blue, green, and silver. I made a custom mix of sprinkles, and got to work the day before the wedding to make 212 cake pops. What do 212 cake pops look like?

all rolled out and ready for sticks

some dipped, and some waiting for the white chocolate and sprinkles

all wrapped in cello bags and tied with a silver twist tie

I was thrilled how they turned out.

Of course I forgot my camera, so I grabbed this picture with my phone. 
Those cupcakes were yummy!

The wedding reception was a lot of fun, and people loved the cake pops! I was in the kitchen with my friend Donna, helping serve the refreshments, and we had a blast! We don't get to see each other often (just on Sundays when I am running into the library to get copies made, and then off and running again), so it was a chance to just hang out and catch up. I wish my best to  Taylor and Derek, I was honored to be part of your special day if even just a small way.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Office Makeover Part 2

So far the process has taken a week, and this is what we have done up to today.

  • emptied office - the contents of which are now everywhere downstairs. Don't enter my home without donning hazard gear!

  • painted the walls.

  • built and installed the base cabinets

  • painted base cabinets

  • stained 3 pieces of pine for the counter tops - turned out so pretty!

  • installed the pine for the counter top

  • removed the pine from the counter top - looks like it was quilted together, and not in a good way. We will use the pine to build Tyler a head board, night stand, and possible a book shelf so it won't be wasted.

  • Good friends came over and gave us some ideas for the counter top

  • 3 trips to Home Depot and the laminate sheet is ordered

  • mdf is glued together to create a very strong top

  • repainted under the counter top - I had it white, but needed to be the blue to match the walls. It didn't look right the other way.

oh, and during all of this, I had sales on etsy, so I am working on top of whatever surface I can find. In one picture you can see all the orders ready to head out the door. Crazy!

Here is the paint, it is still wet, but I love it! It is what is painted in our family room as well.

Here are two of the pieces of pine that I stained. They turned out beautiful!

The cabinet bases are installed, and I have one of them painted.

Here I am trying to get packages out the door for my etsy orders. It is crazy trying to do with everything everywhere! LOL!The room with paint under the cabinets. It gives it more of the built in look this way, and oh so much better! Isn't it crazy how different the wet paint to dry paint looks? This is what the color really looks like. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Office Makeover

My office has been my pit of despair for a while now. Piles of beads, pendants, scrabble tiles, everywhere, not to mention the paperwork, was all out of control. Part of the problem was I didn't have enough shelves to put all my trays. It is always bad after the busy holiday season, which of course is my busiest time of year where it is pretty normal to spend at least 10 hours a day from Oct - Dec working on something or other related to my business. So, I finally decided enough was enough and I wanted a new office space with more storage, work surface, and lighting, and I am getting it! We are building cabinets all around 2 walls, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Here are some of the inspirations I found for my new creative space. :) I can't seem to get them to show up as a slide show, but here is the link to my idea book.

my office/creative space idea book

Now, for every great makeover is the dreaded before picture. I can't believe I am going to post this, but what the heck right? LOL! I bet most of my creative friends all have a space like this where they create. Hopefully theirs aren't as bad as mine is. I will say this in my defense, this is as bad as it has been in forever, I just had no time or energy to even try to put things away after finishing things up for orders, and shows.  So here it goes.

My computer area where I do all my listings, photo editing, well all of the "work" part of my job. LOL!

This shows the jewelry creating area and to the left are shelves that are home to many things. You name it, it is probably there!

The tall cabinet is home to scrapbooking supplies and the lateral file is home to shipping supplies and of course my photo set up.

So there you have it, my disaster area that has been driving me crazy. It is no longer there,  but now everything that was in there is now  all through out my entire downstairs as we are in the building process of the new office/creative space. Can't wait until it is done. I want my kitchen table back! LOL!


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