Monday, January 24, 2011

Office Makeover Part 2

So far the process has taken a week, and this is what we have done up to today.

  • emptied office - the contents of which are now everywhere downstairs. Don't enter my home without donning hazard gear!

  • painted the walls.

  • built and installed the base cabinets

  • painted base cabinets

  • stained 3 pieces of pine for the counter tops - turned out so pretty!

  • installed the pine for the counter top

  • removed the pine from the counter top - looks like it was quilted together, and not in a good way. We will use the pine to build Tyler a head board, night stand, and possible a book shelf so it won't be wasted.

  • Good friends came over and gave us some ideas for the counter top

  • 3 trips to Home Depot and the laminate sheet is ordered

  • mdf is glued together to create a very strong top

  • repainted under the counter top - I had it white, but needed to be the blue to match the walls. It didn't look right the other way.

oh, and during all of this, I had sales on etsy, so I am working on top of whatever surface I can find. In one picture you can see all the orders ready to head out the door. Crazy!

Here is the paint, it is still wet, but I love it! It is what is painted in our family room as well.

Here are two of the pieces of pine that I stained. They turned out beautiful!

The cabinet bases are installed, and I have one of them painted.

Here I am trying to get packages out the door for my etsy orders. It is crazy trying to do with everything everywhere! LOL!The room with paint under the cabinets. It gives it more of the built in look this way, and oh so much better! Isn't it crazy how different the wet paint to dry paint looks? This is what the color really looks like. :)


Kaye Husko said...

love the colors...looks like it is coming along, your gonna be a lucky girl when it is all finished :)

Kim said...

I am so excited for you. It is looking great! Thank you for the blog posts as you are doing is awesome to see the process!

Nicole Valentine said...

It looks fantastic! It'll be worth all the work, a happy place to work in makes me so much more productive.

Professional Virtual Office Services said...

Good luck with your project! The wall colour is lovely and can emit a more serene ambiance in your work area.


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