Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!!!

What could be more fun for kids than dressing up, and getting candy with friends? My kids and I had a blast this year.  Travis went out with a couple of friends from school, the girls and I went with one of their friends, and Tyler doesn't go trick or treating anymore, but helps hand out candy for us. Here we are all dressed up and ready for fun...well, except for me. I am really in costume the entire year, and on Halloween, I can reveal my true self! :)

A spunky witch!

A Gothic Empress!

Harry Potter!

Any guesses? He is a "cereal killer"

and more pictures



Nicole Valentine said...

YOU dressed up as a witch made me laugh, you are so NOT a witch LOL

karicarrigan said...

Just depends on who you ask! Bwwwaaaahhaaaaa! :)


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