Monday, February 28, 2011

Bethel School District Art/Technology Show

For the past few years I have been privileged to be one of the artists at our school district's Art/Technology show, and I love doing it. While they don't let me actually light my torch there, I bring my torch, glass, tools, and I have several beads that I made up in step by step so I can do a "cold" demo for the kids. I also have my computer up and playing a lampworking dvd so they can see the glass in action. The kids seem to love watching the dvd and love seeing the glass that I create with. There were a lot of people there this year, and everyone seemed to have a great time. I was pretty busy the entire show, so I had Daylyn go and take pictures of all the cool things there. They have all sorts of things going on through the day, including robotic competitions. Here are some of my favorite things that she took pictures of.

 Love the plastic wrap guy!
 Lego Robotics
Pop Can Art
 Science Fair Project
My booth, you can see the torch, glass, etc in the bottom right corner.

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