Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Acorns and Cupcakes!

This fall I had a blast making tiny little acorn pendants, I made over 100, because they were just so much fun to make! I was thrilled by the response of customers at the bead shows I was at. I finally took some pictures of them, and am excited to share them with all of you!
Of course anyone who knows me, knows I also love to bake and one of my favorite things to make is cupcakes. So, tired of trying to find where the kids have hid the toothpicks again, I made myself a cake tester, and what is on top? A cupcake of course! I hope to have the acorns and cupcakes up on etsy a little bit later. I am off to help a friend organize her bead stash. :)


N Valentine Studio said...

Your acorns are so adorable! The cake testers are just so practical AND pretty!

Alice said...

So cute! I'm in love with those cake testers!!!!

Melissa said...

I love using your cake testers. Plus they are uber cute and they remind me of you everytime I bake!


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