Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Glass

This year I was able to purchase some Groupons to use at a local Hot Glass Shop so that I was able to take my family there for their first hands on experience in a hot shop. They could choose to make an ornament, a float, a candy dish, or an egg. Once they decided on the shape, they were able to pick up to 2 colors of frit to work with. Then it was just a matter of waiting until it was their turn. It is truly a easy experience for anyone to do. You have a glass worker who handles the punty, the glass, and gets that starter bubble going for you (they make it seem so effortless, but from experience I can tell you that it is not!). Then they hook up a hose and from that you blow into it, and help to create your piece. It is magical, and this way, you know you will end up with a great piece that will be well shaped and beautiful. We can't wait to see our finished pieces!

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