Monday, April 16, 2012

A dresser Redo

This summer, we moved the kids bedrooms around, repainted and arranged, and in the process, Tyler lost all of the dressers and drawers that he had shared with Travis. We brought in an old one, but I promised him that I would get him something better. We looked and looked on Craig's list, and the only ones that Tyler and I found that would work were just too much money, so I finally convinced him to at least let me try to refinish a dresser we had in the garage. I am so glad I did! Here is what it looked like when I started, definitely not in the best shape, but loved the lines of it, and thought it would be perfect in the spot I had picked out in his room.
First thing to do was remove all the hardware and then we sanded and sanded. Then I got smart and borrowed a powered sander that made the job go so much faster. Thank you Simpson's! By the time we were finished with that, it was time to bring everything back in the house for the night. You can see the sanded drawers in this picture. I wanted all the "shine" off the drawers and tried to sand any large scratches off.

Next up was the staining. I stained the top and middle accent wood of the dresser. We are painting and staining to match the desk already in his room. I used a stain with poly in it already. After about 4 coats, I was thrilled with the color.

Next up was the painting. I painted a nice soft cream on all the drawers, the sides, and front of the dresser.

Looking much better right? Well, now the real fun began. Daylyn and I antiqued the dresser and drawers by taking sandpaper and sanding all around everything. I loved the look, and the dresser has the same style.

Now came the finishing touches. I bought new hardware for the drawers, but they were silver and we wanted oil rubbed bronze (same handles were over $1 more each at the store), so out came my favorite spray paint (read all about it here), and an hour later we had the perfect handles. :) A few coats of poly over the painted parts of the dresser, and I was done!

I love it, Tyler loves it, so I think it is a complete success!

Another look at the before and after. I think I will keep my eye open for other fun pieces of old furniture that will work in my house! What a difference 2 days, a little paint and stain can make.:)

Can't believe I hadn't blogged this yet! It's been done since before school started. LOL! Who would have thought that it would take longer to blog about the dresser than actually redoing it! :)

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