Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thank You!

Looking for Bead Soup? Click here!

Just wanted to post a thank you for all of your kind comments, and I love the book suggestions. Can't wait until I can keep my eyes open for more than 20 minutes without falling asleep. Normally I could have easily read 3-5 books, I read really fast, but so far? only about 20 pages, and about 6 hops for the bead soup. I am also very grateful for my friends who have helped by bringing my family dinner, lunch, and even doing my hair for me! I have loved getting the emails and notes on Facebook and with texts. I am feeling very blessed by all help, love and support that is being offered on my behalf. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I really do appreciate all that you are doing.

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Laura Twiford said...

Hi Kari, I hope you are feeling more like yourself everyday. I have just returned from Artbliss this past week and wore the beadsoup necklace and got a lot of compliments on your beads! Take Care, Laura


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