Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Clumsy

This week had been pretty crazy. It started Tues morning when I went to see the doctor to follow up on my surgery. It is looking good! Found out that they did more than we realized. Apparently there is only one other repair that they can do to the shoulder. Yikes! They repaired cartilage, tendons, ground down bone, etc. Once I am fully healed, I will be feeling a ton better! I am able to get up and stand now without much discomfort. So exciting! I am even allowed out of my sling for little bits at a time. My favorite activity is to just let my arm hang, and do a gentle circle swing that is one of my exercises. It stretches the arm out which feels great after having it in the sling all day long. 

 For several weeks this summer, my family and the Smith’s have been getting together for dinner and TV on Tues nights so we could watch one of our favorite TV shows, Eureka. So we were all there and had a great time. I decided to stay later (kids had to get home and get to sleep for school) and Colleen would bring me back home. As we left her house, I managed to step on the edge of her sidewalk and roll my foot completely. It was as ungraceful as you can get. Weds morning I decided that I should probably go get my foot checked out since it was still hurting even with the good pain pills I was on for my shoulder. Sure enough, I managed to sprain my foot. Go ahead, laugh, don't hold back, I haven't! Lol! You should have seen the x-ray tech’s face when she called my name and I got up to go back there. She looked at me, my chart, back at me, and I said, yep, it’s me. She looked so confused, and I don’t blame her, she was going to x-ray a foot, and here the person coming toward her has a pretty massive sling on her arm. Lol! I have decided that I should change my middle name to Grace. :)

For the most part, I really am doing much better (foot aside). Several friends have even commented that my speech is no longer slurred from all the pain pills! Lol! I am very glad to be off of one prescription completely and the time is getting longer between doses for the other.  I am even holding decent conversations again,Tyler said I sound like me again. I asked him if that was a good thing, and he said yes. :) I have also even brought the laptop to the couch so I can blog hop, and even be creative and work on some new penny designs. Roxy likes to help, by laying right next to the computer. Love that puppy.  Here is a sneak peak of some Halloween pennies as well.


Laura Twiford said...

Oh Grace, I mean Kari, that is awful about your ankle but thank heaven you didn't fall and hit your shoulder! Glad you are feeling like yourself more and more and getting back in the swing of things (even if it is just your arm swinging). be careful, hugs, Laura

Charlene said...

Glad to hear you are doing better! Lovely jewelry!

Manda said...

Hope you are feeling better! Hey I was wondering, how much are your super cute little acorn necklaces? I love my penny pendant, I wear it all the time :)

Kari Carrigan said...

Thank you everyone, it is slower going than I though, but I am getting there.

Manda, my acorns are between 10 - 16 depending on size. Hopefully I can get some listed and up on Etsy in the next week. :) I am so glad you like your pendant, I love to hear from customers.


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