Monday, November 14, 2011

Give Thanks and be Grateful free printable

What a crazy 2 weeks it has been! The girls and I had a get away to the beach and had a blast. The puppies eyes are all open, and they have started to try to walk and play with each other. And then I messed up on my meds by trying to lower my dosage to fast. Funny thing, you can't do that. It has really messed with my productivity this past week, but I am finally back to feeling like myself. As I was back to sitting on the couch, and I will admit to feeling sorry for myself (I am pretty independent, and have really disliked not being able to do things for myself - can you believe I am looking forward to the day that I can put my hair up in a ponytail again without help?) and realized that I truly have so much more to be grateful for. 

A big blessing is that my arm is getting better. I can move my arm in one way, almost 3 times as high as I used to. It is giving me hope and incentive to keep going to torture physical therapy so that I will keep on improving and once again have a normal range of motion again. I am also grateful that my family and friends have been so supportive of me during this time. Nothing like being 30 something and grounde from driving! LOL! 

For Thanksgiving, I wanted to offer something to all of my fans and followers as a thanks you. I appreciate the support I have received here on my blog and Facebook pages I really do appreciate each and every comment I receive.  I created this poster for you. It is in the Keep Calm and Carry On spirit. Just click on the image so it opens in a new window, and then right click and save the file. It is sized for 8 x 10. I hope you all enjoy! 

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