Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. My kids had a great time! Daylyn and Allison went trick or treating with their Dad while Tyler, Travis and I stayed home and passed out the candy. We have a tradition of chili and cornbread for dinner. Chili is one of Travis's favorite meals, I so I walked him through making it step by step, and he did a fabulous job, it was great! Have to say that it is one of my favorite meals as well.

Here are the kids all dressed up and ready for fun!

Arggh, I'm a Pirate!

 A full moon Fashonista (aka a tween werewolf).

Our mystical Mage.


Ken and Kim said...

They are look great! Although I am a little nervous at how well Day is playing it up for the camera, lol.

taytaym4 said...

CUTE! I miss them :)

Kari Carrigan said...

Kim, She practices her poses in front of the mirror....she kind of reminds me of an aunt....you perhaps? lol!

Tay - We all miss you too!


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